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По умолчанию I remember when I was

I remember when I was in the third grade, two "Gray's Fairy Tales" and "Andersen's Fairy Tales" were like two small boats, bringing me to the wonderful world of books. At that time, I was crying for the tragic fate of the little girl who sold the match; I was very happy for being saved by Snow White; I was worried about the fate of the ugly duckling Wholesale Cigatettes...
Later, when I grew up, my mother bought me a thick "Zheng Yuanjie Fairy Tales", and I fell in love with Zheng Yuanjie. I have always fantasized about sitting with Pipiru and kicking my feet; and Shu Kebeta Friends; go out with the big wolf Rock; conquer the world with the bacteria boss; open the phantom to maintain world peace... It��s really a wave of unrest, a wave of ups and downs, another ��tornado��, ��naughty baggage�� "I came to me again, and I couldn't help but fall in love with it: the daddy, the magical rumbling teacher, the ugly Angel, the squadron leader Lumanman, the beautiful Xia Linguo, the idiom king Ding Wentao...these books Let me unfold the wings of imagination and fly freely and happy Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons.
Gradually those different domain names jumped into my eyes: what "Don Quixote", "Robinson Crusoe", "Mysterious Island", "Treasure Island", etc., they opened another window for me, the wonderful world In front of you.m a boy who loves to read. Although it is not like Lenin and Mao Zedong, I have spent a lot of time reading books, but I have also traveled to various bookstores for a good book, and I am so addicted to having a good book Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Carton. Therefore, the book became a part of my life, I found that the book is my best friend and the source of my happiness! In the middle of it, she used sweet milk to water my life. When she was young, she took me to run and jump with her strong hands. When she was a child, she used the affectionate call to let me out of the control of the disease. Health; when I was a teenager, she used the expected traction to let me walk into the hall of e is my mother.people say that the mother is a mountain, giving the child the deepest nourishment Marlboro Cigarettes With Gold Band. I said that my mother is a tracker, and I am a small boat tightly tied by my mother��s rope. I am being dragged by my mother step by step.her is a lovely and respectable teacher. She has black hair and long eyelashes, which is very pleasing. The only fly in the ointment is that bright eyes are covered by a pair of high-profile glassponsible for the students and is no less than them to me. what? Do not believe, then take a look at the Saturday and Sunday schedule she arranged for me! Saturday morning: English. Afternoon: Calligraphy. The same is true on Sunday. After that, in addition to rest is reading and writing. Hey, whenever I mention it here, I can��t help but have a hint of my mother��s your mother so bad about you, don't you love you? Wrong, although she is very strict with me, but she can still understand her love for me Cheep Newports With Stamps. I remember that I went to Beijing to do an operation. Before the operation, my mother repeatedly told me what to do, what to do, but I did not listen to it. During the operation, I saw the anxious eyes of my mother and the eyes I had hoped for from the narrow door slits. I saw the sweat and fine wrinkles of my mother's forehead. After the operation, my mother asked me eagerly, what was uncomfortable, but I said in her heart that she was sincere.
what! Mother, you are the carnation that I will never lose in my heart!
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